Development of Teaching Materials Using Canva Application for Students' Reading Comprehension


  • Athiq Nur Azizah Country of Athiq Nur Azizah Universitas Ma’arif Lampung, Indonesia
  • Rizky Hidayatulloh Country of Rizky Hidayatulloh Universitas Ma’arif Lampung, Indonesia
  • Umar Alfaruq A. Hasyim Country of Umar Alfaruq A. Hasyim Universitas Ma’arif Lampung, Indonesia


Canva Application, Students' Reading Comprehension, Teaching Materials


Developing a Canva media application for students' reading comprehension can overcome several difficulties and balance learning. It is important to apply Canva for reading among students because with the help of Canva media it has several benefits, including increasing motivation and interest in learning by emphasizing topics related to problem solving. Another factor in learning that must be considered is student learning outcomes and learning motivation. This type of research is study and creation. Instead of testing hypotheses, research and development (R&D) produces products. This reseach used 4D model, namly defining, design, develop, and describe. The results of this research showed that (1) Learning to make comprehensive reading presentations using Canva received a positive response from students. To find out student responses regarding using Canva as a comprehensive reading learning medium, we distributed a questionnaire. (2) Learning comprehensive reading is a challenge for many students, especially English students in semester 4. (3) Improving comprehensive reading skills requires a creative and innovative approach. In this case, the Canva application has proven to be a very useful tool in facilitating such learning in an engaging and interactive way


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Azizah, A. N., Hidayatulloh, R., & Hasyim, U. A. A. (2024). Development of Teaching Materials Using Canva Application for Students’ Reading Comprehension. Jurnal Penelitian Tindakan Kelas, 2(1).